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Sku: ROIR00029

iRobot Roomba i2 吸塵機械人 香港行貨 iRobot Roomba i2 Robot Vacuum|*限時優惠購買即時送$150 Starbusks現金卷+ iRobot 精美杯*

品牌 iRobot
正常價格 $2,599.00
Sale price $2,599.00 正常價格 $4,380.00
On sale 售罄
|*限時優惠購買即時送$150 Starbusks現金卷+ iRobot 精美杯*
配備三重清掃系統,加上適用於多種地板的橡膠雙滾刷、邊刷,並提供 10 倍的強大吸力*,任何髒亂皆非其敵手。
*與 Roomba 600 系列清掃系統比較

Roombai2 吸塵機械人能目標清晰、邏輯明確地沿著直線逐行清掃,並使用地板材質追蹤感應器,徹底清掃全屋。

Dirt Detect 髒汙偵測技術讓 Roombai2 吸塵機械人偵測家中較骯髒的區域,以便徹底清掃。

機械人: 34 厘米 x 34.5 厘米 尺寸 x 9.25 厘米
機械人重量: 3.18 公斤
電池類型: 鋰離子

Roomba? i2 Robot Vacuum

3-Stage Cleaning Power

Messes are no match for a 3-Stage Cleaning System with Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, an Edge-Sweeping Brush, and 10x the Power-Lifting Suction*.

*Compared to Roomba? 600 Series cleaning System

Guided by serious smarts

Your home gets a thorough clean because the Roomba? i2 robot vacuum purposefully and logically cleans in neat rows using floor tracking sensors.

Goes where it's needed, avoids where it's not

Patented Dirt Detect? Technology allows the Roomba? i2 robot vacuum to detect dirtier areas of your home and clean them more thoroughly.


Redefine everyday Cleaning

Pet hair and other stubborn messes are no match for 10x the Power-Lifting Suction* in the Roomba? i2 robot vacuum. Its 3-Stage Cleaning System also

includes an Edge-Sweeping Brush and unique Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes that flex to adjust to different floor types and don’t get tangled with pet hair.

Count on clean floors, every day

Your home gets a thorough clean because the Roomba? i2 robot vacuum purposefully and logically cleans in neat rows using floor tracking sensors. And it ensures

the whole job gets done by sending itself to its base to recharge when the battery gets low, then resuming right where it left off.

Focused cleaning you can count on

Areas where cleaning is needed most, like the high-traffic areas of your home, get the Roomba? i2 robot vacuum’s focus thanks to patented Dirt Detect? sensors only from iRobot.

Scheduling at its Smartest

From pollen season to pet-shedding season, and all the messy moments in between, the Roomba? i2 robot vacuum knows when it’s time to dial up cleanings and makes suggestions automatically.

Keep doing what you’re Doing

Through the iRobot app or your Google or Alexa voice assistant, simply tell your robot to clean – and consider it done. Also, with Imprint? Link Technology, Roomba? i2 robot vacuum and

Braava jet? m6 robot mop can team up to vacuum then mop in perfect sequence, giving your floors a comprehensive clean without any effort.

Make more room in your Routine

Take back your time and your energy by offloading your cleaning routine to iRobot Genius. With dependable technology and intuitive controls, iRobot Genius ensures the cleaning gets done

right so you can focus on more important things.

What's In The Box

Roomba? i2 Robot Vacuum

Clean Base? Automatic Dirt Disposal

Line Cord

1 Extra Filter

Product Specifications

Filter Type: High-Efficiency

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Bin Volume: 400ml

Bin Type: Washable

1 Year warranty